Let’s Get To Know Our New Guest Blogger! Queen Vanessa!

Hey Queens! So I’m super excited to introduce a queen who will be working closely with TogetherQueens as a guest blogger. I’m super excited for you all to get to know her and for you all to see what topics she has in store for you all. So without further delay, please read below for some really cool Q&A with my girl, Vanessa.

Q: So first off tell everyone a little about yourself (maybe give a few facts like name, age, where you’re from to make a decent intro.

A: 22. From Maryland, in Atlanta. Vanessa. I’m a Capricorn, and that’s all I got. I’m a Capricorn to like the T – emphasis on the fact that it’s capital! So if you read about one, yup DAS ME. I’ve always been so bad at telling people about myself when they say “so tell me about yourself” – I’m just like ask me questions instead. *laughs*

Q: What interested you in becoming a guest blogger for TogetherQueens?

A: Just following you, Charnel! Seeing that you have a vision and wanna grow, and something told me that you needed genuine hands just like I do. It presented itself as mutually beneficial for the both of us, so I didn’t hesitate to reach out. Blogs are also an interest of mine, just not something I feel like I can personally manage so being able to just be an addition to yours and help you grow is perfect.

Q: What are some of the topics that you plan on discussing on TogetherQueens?

A: I’m honestly scared to even start actually writing for TogetherQueens. Look, I’m all over the place with my thoughts – I feel like they sound better in my head than in words or whatever *laughs*. But seriously, the first three topics that come to my head are:

– health and fitness, for sure. Hastag fueled by Herbalife.

(official IG hashtag: #FueledbyHerbalife)

– money management and financial tips. This is a huge umbrella because there’s cashback apps, additional sources of income, side hustles, hell – even just budgeting ya money right! I may need to break it up so people will actually read everything I have to say about it *laughs*. Because seriously, it’s like real deal spill! I’ve had a lot of my friends ask me how I “move” the way I do at my age, but I quickly caught on to the fact that being “broke” didn’t feel good especially when I had too many opportunities not to be.

– Then also, furthering your education as a woman and what I’ve learned in “corporate” America so far.

Q: Now on to some fun topics, what is your favorite social media platform and what are 3 things you like about it?

A: I guess, Instagram. Snapchat would’ve been good competition, but it got wack when it got complicated. So Instagram because although we joke about em, don’t we all love the Instagram famous girls? And then just the fact that people all over are just sharing great pictures, and you’re connected to people everywhere.

(Vanessa’s Instagram: @elleestbelle_)

Q: What is your favorite type of music and who’s  your favorite artist

A: Favorites are way too hard when there’s so much good shit – excuse me! Lol but to throw out some random ones, um…H.E.R, Travis Scott, Drake came to my head first. But don’t get too deep with me on music. I’ll admit that I don’t keep up enough, and I’m probably not aaas hip as most!

Q: Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert and why?

A: Definitely a serving of Half & Half on this one! I like to use the “introverted extrovert” one to classify myself because I’m very reserved and in my own world, but the people I’m closest to would describe me totally opposite of that *laughs*. They’d probably use such good words like exuberant, lively, fun and whatever, and I’m just like “Yeah, ya know, I’m just regular and lonely” *laughs*. I guess it’s just that everybody doesn’t get that same side of me because I just kind of let my body guide my interactions. If it feels right, “heyyyy friend!” If it doesn’t, it just doesn’t, and that’s cool, too. It’s seriously just a mix but also heavily influenced by how comfortable that person makes me feel.

Q: Who inspires you most and why?

A: Ahh…my parents, Lisa Nichols, my mentor – typical reasons. Their mind is a temple that allowed them to overcome so much and put themselves in a position to live a life worth living. And that’s the real dream.

Q: What are three things you’d tell your 18 year old self?

A: Nothing, actually. I enjoyed how I let myself grow. Maybe I should’ve spent a little less money and skipped a few less classes *laughs*

Q: What message do you want to send to world?

A: What’s inside of you is what radiates out of you. Put good food in your body, and a little less of junk. Think positive thoughts so that you act from a positive place. Be calm and kind in your heart so that you live in that energy! Like really, just realize you really are what you put out. And don’t ignore that. Don’t limit yourself not realizing the power that you have.

Q: What is your astrological sign? 

A: I guess I already said this, didn’t know this question was coming. I’m a Capricorn. And everybody knows how obsessed I am with zodiac signs; I believe in the compatibilities and all that.

Q: Paris or Puerto Rico?

A: I went to Paris when I was a super baby like 3 or 4, so I don’t remember it at all. But if I could choose today, Paris – Puerto Rico is messed up right now realistically anyway.

Q: Beyoncé or Rihanna?

A: Ah, please don’t kill me BeyHive, but lately I’ve been more into Rihanna than Beyonce.

Q: Tacos or fried chicken?

A: In any life, CHICKEN ME. But at this moment, shrimp tacos would be good.

Q: What’s a fashion hack that you wish everyone knew?

A: This may not really be a fashion hack. I can’t think of any of those, but one thing is every girl should really go read up the RIGHT way to wear a bra. I saw an article about it on the discovery page for Snapchat a while ago and was shook!

(link: https://www.today.com/style/thirdlove-explains-how-put-bra-correctly-tag-t117621)

Q: What’s a makeup hack that you wish everyone knew? 

A: Ooh I wish I even knew how to put on real makeup. I’m like your simple, hastag no makeup on the daily girl. If I ever have a full face or even half of one, believe I probably paid for it, sadly *laughs*. Lipstick or lipgloss, mascara or lash extensions and a good skincare routine is all I keep up with.

Q: What are 3 of your favorite hobbies?

A: Working out FOR SURE. Whether it be at the gym, on a walk with my dog, yoga, training, whatever – just anything physical that is active for me I’m usually doing or into. Um reading, a lot. I’m actually on a goal to read 100 books in 2018. Wish me luck! I’m only on book number 3 because I got stuck on one that’s really boring *laughs*. Then I guess, it’s expected – shopping, and not always just for clothes but house decor, groceries, pet toys, and everything else. I have fun cause I’m always following a deal.

Q: So I know you’ve mentioned Herbalife, tell us a little bit about the brand and why it’s important to you.

A: In a nutshell, Herbalife is one of the top nutrition companies – I actually didn’t always know this, I recently found it – but they’re one of the top nutrition companies out making products that focus on weight and health management. So it’s popularly used to lose weight and maintain an active lifestyle! But a lot of people don’t realize that it helps people gain weight, control their diets to help with their medical issues and so much more like it’s just a total package. It’s important to me because I found it when I was frustrated with how I looked and basically didn’t even feel like myself. But I couldn’t get the recipe right! Like whatever I was doing was working but not enough, and I really wanted to transform how I felt inside and out. It’s become my business, so I have a whole different attachment to it now *laughs*.

Q: What difference has Herbalife made in your life and why do you think others should try it?

A: Being a Herbalife distributor has, first of all, helped me make some great money on the side, and that’s always a blessing. I get to travel, meet people from all over, change lives, and work with a fabulous group of coaches, as well, so I really appreciate myself for going for it. Otherwise, the whole health change has changed the way I feel and see myself, and I’m like crazy happy and always feeling myself like it’s Nicki Minaj and Beyonce song, so it’s cool!

(contact Vanessa for wellness evaluations via Instagram: elleestbelle_ or via email: sunshineverrier@yahoo.com)

Q: so lastly, where can our audience connect with you?

A: Instagram: elleestbelle_

Snapchat: sunshinevan

Facebook: Vanessa Verrier

Email: sunshineverrier@yahoo.com

I want to thank our special guest, Vanessa for stopping by and giving some cool facts about herself. I’m sure you all will enjoy her time with us and I know she’ll bring great content to the table for you all. So please stay tuned because this queen has some great things in store for you all!

Later Queens!


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