I Got All of This For Free!!!! For New Moms & Moms-to-be

Hey Queens!

So I’m going to be a first time mom this year and I try to be as resourceful as I can when it comes to freebies. I’m sure that many of you moms know how expensive babies and children are, so I wanted to introduce some cool ways to get some free things to give you a head-start into motherhood.

So first I will show majority of what came in my Target registry bags

Most of the items you see in the picture above is from the Target bags. Once you create a registry with Target, you can go up to customer service and just ask for a registry bag. Now I know some of you may be afraid to continuously ask for these bags on your trips to Target, but if they’ll give it to you, why not get it? You can go to multiple Targets, I’ve only had to go to 3 of them, but majority of the bags came from the location that is nearest my house. Now I love to shop at Target, so this made it easy for me when I stopped in. I only got one bag per trip, so that should tell you how much I love Target. So below I’ll share pictures of what came inside of the Target bags first and then I’ll show other things that I received and how I received them.

First are the Target coupon booklets. These have great coupons in them, including: 50% off Starbucks coupons, $25 off of $50 for Honest diapers, a FREE pack of 8 (2 fl oz) bottles of Similac , and so many other great coupons.

Cute little Target onesie for baby’s first trip to Target.

A cute little pacifier comes in each bag as well.

A couple of random samples as well. I definitely recommend the coco butter for stretch marks.

A sample of Baby Dove body wash comes in each bag as well. I’ve heard this is a really good product. Going to do a little more research just because new babies tend to be sensitive to a lot of things.

A sample of Aveeno Baby lotion comes in each as well. I’ve also heard great things about this product, but I’ll also be doing more research on this one as well before I decide to purchase a full size bottle.

This Pampers packet sample comes with wipes, a size 1 diaper, and also some coupons. A lot of of different sample boxes comes with these. Every sample box or bag I’ve gotten has come with one.

These Honest Diapers & Wipes sample pack comes with two size 1 diapers and a set of wipes. Definitely a nice little sample for your new bundle of joy. I’ve also bought a few packs of the Honest diapers so far, so I’m excited for my princess to wear some really cute and girly patterns.

An Avent baby bottle comes in each sample Target bag as well. They’ll definitely come in handy!

A Lansinoh breastfeeding sample comes in each bag as well ( 2 disposable nursing pads & 2 breastmilk storage bags)

These wipes came in my last few bags from one of the stores I’ve been to. You can never have too much, so it’s smart to stock up.

These cute little packs of single size 1 diapers come in each bag

These boxes of Similac are originally $7.99 each. They have a coupon too get one FREE in each Target coupon booklet

A Dr. Brown’s bottle sample is included in each bag as well. These are good quality bottles so they’re definitely worth stocking up on.

Now onto some of the other items I’ve received. If your county has a Public Health Center, sometimes they’ll hold events for new moms or moms-to-be and they’ll have a bunch of different items that are up for grabs, not only did I receive a free car seat and play pin, but I also received these items below:

A doll, a pack of books, a rubber duck, a fitted sheet for a crib, a dotted playard sheet for the pack’n’play, a thermometer, a pacifier, a dropper, and a squashy toy.

Here are some of the books that I picked up from this event as well.

A sleep sack for the baby

Now this next item came from the Baby Box Co. You do have to watch a series of videos online and then they’ll send you a baby box and a pack of pampers , but they’ve also said that items vary.

These next couple of items came in the Hello Baby Box, you just sign up for a registry and they’ll send you a box for free. A nice little bottle, these little stickers, a Pampers pack, a pack of baby Cetaphil and a few other miscellaneous things came in this box.

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this little sample haul, I’ll definitely be adding more posts and even some vlogs on different items I’ve purchased and/or have gotten for free throughout my pregnancy process. If you have any questions about any items you see in this post or want to share items you’ve received for free, feel free to comment below; I’d love to hear from you all. I’ll post one more photo below of all of the things that I’ve received for free thus far. Thanks again for taking the time to check out this post!

Later Queens!


Remember That YOU Matter!

Hey Queens!

As some of you may have noticed, I have been away for a little while. As I am preparing to become a new mom this year, I have become very busy and very tired. I am super excited because I have lots of new stories and cool things to share with you all and I plan to start that part of things soon.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick post to inspire you all on your journey to stay motivated and focused on your dreams and goals. As I stated above I have been very tired lately and at times I find myself unmotivated or just too tired to function. We all have daily obligations like work, kids, running a business, and/or even maintaining a household, which all can be very demanding of your time.

However, we must remember that our dreams are still very important and putting the slightest effort toward your goals daily, can make all the difference. Putting in minimal effort to achieve those personal goals is much better than no effort at all. Always remember that if you don’t put effort in to make your dreams come true, as they say “someone will hire you to work toward their dream”.

I know sometimes it gets tough (believe me, I know), but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t accomplish all of your goals in one day. You have to be realistic, as there are only 24 hours in a day, and a lot of those hours demand so much of our time. Give yourself that pat on the back or that small reward that you’ve been yearning for, after accomplishing a few small goals; you deserve it Queen!

Always remember that YOU are important and you can’t be consciously available to others if you aren’t in tuned with YOU. Sometimes we become robots and almost forget what’s actually taking place around us. Don’t let this robotic routine take over you completely to the point where you forget about your own dreams.

I really hope that you read over this and you find it encouraging, because women are known to be “superwomen” juggling multiple tasks day to day, but we can’t always save the world. So remember to take those few minutes to right down your goals for the week or take that couple of minutes to meditate. You will appreciate it later on.

Later Queens!

Origins Charcoal Honey 🍯 Mask Review

Hey 👋 Queens!

So I recently received the Origins Charcoal Honey 🍯 Mask complimentary from Influenster for reviewing purposes.

I am truly happy to have been given the opportunity to try out this mask; which retails for $35. Although I received it free, I think it’d definitely be worth the price. You do not have to use this mask everyday, so it will definitely last if this may concern you.

I love the ingredients, as it contains charcoal which pulls out the impurities from your skin and honey with nourishes and gives your skin that extra glow. The only fault I can point out is how messy it can be if you aren’t careful, but other than that I love it!

The color is so beautiful it’s like a blackish tint with gold-like sparkles in it, that makes the mask even more fun to put on.

My skin definitely feels so much better after I use this mask, especially after a long hot day at work. This mask is one of my go-tos if I’m not using my facial products by Mario Badescu.

I must say, this mask is definitely top notch and I love the Origins brand, so it makes this mask even more trustworthy to use.

If you have used this mask or would like to try it, please leave your comments below.

Later Queens !

My 1st Giveaway: Self Care Prize Pack

Hey Queens!

So this is a #latenight giveaway. However, I’ve decided to show you all my appreciation for your support by doing my first giveaway!!! I truly hope you all enjoy the prizes and I can’t wait to do more giveaways! Giveaway ends at 11:59PM EST Sunday, July 15, 2018 (Open to U.S. only)(GIVEAWAY CLOSED! WINNER: KELLY W. FROM WI)

You can enter below through Gleam.

The prizes include:

• Victoria’s Secret Pink “You’re My Blueberry Jam” sheet mask

• Victoria’s Secret Pink “Namaste Cool & Calm With Aloe” Sheet Mask

•Eva NYC “Freshen Up Dry Shampoo”

•Eva NYC “Forget Me Knot Dry Conditioner”

•Eva NYC “Therapy Session Hair Mask”

•Aldo Gold Snake Earrings

•Sephora “Instant moisture cream” (hyaluronic acid booster)

•NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream “Monte Carlo” (red)

Head over to the link below to enter:

MightNest Subscription: Bee’s Wrap Review

I’m so excited to share my latest subscription with you, not to mention the first product that I received. But, first I want to tell you all just a little about MightyNest. They offer you one “green” or eco friendly product a month for $10. This item is can range from safe plant-based cleaning products to safe skincare items that do not include synthetic chemicals. You are however able to add other products to your cart 🛒, and all of your items will ship for free! Not to mention that your first item will ship for only $3 if you use code “INVITE7” at checkout (
I’m super excited to have discovered this subscription because I truly believe that it’ll help me feel like I’m not only helping the environment , but also helping my household to be environmentally aware.
So the product that I received was “Bee’s Wrap”, which is reusable and an alternative to using plastic wrap. The package came with one large 13″X14″ wrap and a medium sized wrap as well. I must say I enjoy using this product. The wrap is a little sticky at first, but once you wash it, of course it wears off a bit. This product is made with beeswax, organic cloth, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil. However, it is not recommended to use for meat. This product is definitely a way to keep our food fresh in a natural way, I couldn’t beat that. I’ve shared some photos below! I definitely recommend checking out this subscription for only $10/month. If you have tried MightyNest subscription or would like to, please feel free to leave your comments below.

The Humiliation of Black Women Through Reality Tv: Basketball Wives

I’m going to discuss how the show Basketball Wives is showcasing black women in such a negative light. More positivity is necessary for this show
I’m going to discuss how the show Basketball Wives is showcasing black women in such a negative light. More positivity is necessary for this show

Hey Queens !

So let me start off by saying, PATHETIC! I am so disappointed in the direction this season has gone so far. Through the constant petty fights and arguments, to the bashing of other women, where has the substance gone? For women who are supposed to serve as a platform representing black women, it truly disgusts me to have this type of show representing the black culture.

Instead of speaking on their business ventures and ideas or taking fun trips that showcase the fun times that women can have together, this show is just highlighting issues that high schooler go through and I’m over it.

The only people that I like this season are Tami, Jackie, O.G. and Cece. I’m going to briefly pinpoint the reasons why I like these women:

Tami: She has her days where she can be a little petty, but she always keeps it real and stands her ground. I’m also happy that she’s starting a new chapter in her life and she’s preparing to get married and live happily with a man that she loves.

Jackie: Now I know most people don’t like Jackie because she’s eccentric. However, I’m very proud that she’s going to counseling this season and dealing with her personal issues. She has also been staying out of the drama lately. Not only that, I admire how open and free she is and although everyone may not like that about her, I feel that the world needs people like her.

O.G.: She is very sweet, but if you come for her she will come for you. I feel that this group of women typically attacks the newbies, but O.G. Isn’t having it and I love that about her.

Cece: She is such a sweet woman, and I can tell she genuinely wanted to have positive friendships with these ladies, but from the beginning, some women were attacking her character and being childish. I respect her for knowing how to walk away and knowing what is beneath her.

Now onto all of the ladies that I don’t too much care for and why:

Evelyn: I have no respect for this woman. She’s rude, she throws shade, she can’t give a complement, she thinks she’s better than everyone, she always try’s to play the victim, and all she does is talk about the other cast members, aside from Shaunie. This woman is the type to pinpoint why everyone else is wrong in a situation and not be able to own up to her mistakes. She also plays this “mean girl” and it really isn’t a good look in my eyes. Some of you may know that she starred on Iyanla Vanzant “Fix My Life” and I assumed that this would help her become a better woman. However, it just seems like when she’s around this group of women, she just becomes a very hateful person that I just can’t stand or respect.

Shaunie: I used to love Shaunie, until I witnessed how much she jumps on the “Evelyn Lozada” bandwagon. It just seems like in her eyes, Evelyn does no wrong and it’s really sad. She also has mean girl tendencies, so for those reasons I’m just not much of a fan of hers anymore.

Malaysia & Kristen: I pretty much don’t like them for the same reasons. They all of a sudden want to jump on the Evelyn bandwagon as well. They seem to want to fit in with these ladies so bad that they would turn against Cece, who’s supposed to be like their family. I have no respect for these two because they’ve let her get attacked by these women on many occasions and for them to continuously blame Cece, or try to get Cece to stoop to their level, I don’t respect it.

Jen: I don’t respect Jen, simply because she has let Evelyn take her down to the lowest level she could possibly go and befriended her AGAIN. Not only that, she has been the center of so much drama this season, she has been Evelyn’s minion, and she doesn’t have a voice until Evelyn is around. I respect her for admitting to her starting the rumor about Evelyn sleeping with Shaunie’s ex. However, she went to great lengths to hurt this woman because of how she made you feel about yourself and you allowed yourself to become friends with her again . I’m not saying that we all don’t make these types of mistakes, but for these women to be in their 40s I just can’t respect it.

At the ages that these women are, they should be elevating and trying to do better rather than partake in so much drama. They are some of the only representation that black women have on television and I feel that they are wasting this platform. Of course it wouldn’t be good reality tv without a little bit of pettiness, but the amount of irrelevant mess that this show has broadcasted is seriously sad and ridiculous.

This show should definitely do a better job of representing black women and should focus on the great things that black women are doing with their lives, from their businesses to the way they take care of their families. I’m sad to say that I’m over this show and unless more positivity is incorporated into the show, there’s a strong chance that I won’t be tuning in anymore.

If you watch Basketball Wives, please leave your comments below. Even if you don’t, leave your opinions on the topic. I would love to hear what you all think.