Daily Inspiration

Hey Ladies!

Here is a list of 30 Positive Affirmations that you can say to yourself daily to stay inspired. You can also change up this list if you would like. This is just an example of things you can tell yourself to stay motivated.

At the end of the list I will leave 5 spots blank so that you can feel those in yourself. You can use sticky notes to hang them on your walls, put them on your bathroom mirror, or even on your car dashboard; which ever will help you remember to read them as often as possible.

1. I am unique

2. I am kind

3. I am courageous

4. I am stylish

5. I am a leader

6. I am a inspirational

7. I am an amazing lover

8. I am an amazing friend

9. I am a Queen

10. I am powerful

11. I am polite

12. I am driven

13. I am ambitious

14. I am/will be an amazing wife

15. I am/will be an amazing mother

16. I am conscious

17. I am elegant

18. I am classy

19. I am vibrant

20. I am mindful

21. I am beautiful

22. I am hard-working

23. I am goal-oriented

24. I am loving

25. I am optimistic

26. I am/ I will ___________________.

27. I am/ I will ___________________.

28. I am/I will ___________________.

29. I am/I will ___________________.

30. I am/ I will __________________.

I hope these positive affirmations will help you on your journey. Remember to try to say them as often as possible ( daily is best).

Later Queens

#LetMePreachSundays: Don’t Get Discouraged

Hey Queens!

So I usually write on Fridays, but I’ve been extremely busy, but wanted you all to know that encouraging you all is very important to me. I speak to you all to let you know that you’re not alone and I know sometimes life gets hard. However Queen, you cannot let hard times discourage you, bring you down, or cause you to give up. There is always a fellow sister out there going through the same things that you are. Stay strong in your beliefs and in who you are. It is up to you to know that everything will work itself out, you are built to last. Stay positive and hopeful Queen, blessings are coming your way!

Later Queen!

Friendly Reminder: Keep Toxic People Out of Your Space!

Hey Queens!

Today I just want to give you all a little motivation to keep you going. I just want you all to understand the importance of staying focused and keeping negativity away from you. Sometimes people will test you and take you to a point of no return. However, you have to remember that your peace is more important than anything. If you are having a bad day, take a couple minutes to regroup and if someone is causing you to lose your peace, seperate yourself from them. Sometimes we have to learn to love people from a distance. Everyone isn’t meant to be close with you and that’s perfectly fine. The people that keep you happy, motivated, and at peace are the people that should be in your circle, not those who bring negative energy. I know you’ve heard this information before, but I just wanted to remind you of how important it is to stay in good spirits and keep bad energy away from you.

Later Queen!

My Review of The Millionaire Next Door and 5 Things That Stuck With Me

Hey Queens!

So first off I’d like to say that this book is definitely a must read! I must admit that it has taken me months to finish, simply because there are a lot of numbers and statistics in this book. Now although those are both very important aspects when it comes to backing your information, it can sometimes get overwhelming.

By all means please still read this book, I’m just letting you know that before hand that there are some parts that aren’t all that interesting or that you may feel do not apply for you. This book is a good book for anyone to read because it will teach you not to take everything at “face value”.

Down below I will share 5 things that I have learned from reading this book.

1. The wealthy are frugal- we typically assume that wealthy individuals only walk around with the latest Chanel bag, the newest car, or the biggest house. However, the most wealthy people are typically those who blend in with society or who seem to live average lifestyles because they aren’t concerned with keeping up with others. Not to say that wealthy individuals don’t purchase nice things, it’s just typically people who have a high consumption lifestyle, spend more money than nesscessary to impress others, therefore they can not be considered wealthy.

2. Teach your children the importance of being frugal- If you teach your kids how to save money and to be confident and happy with who they are, they won’t worry about keeping up with other people and they’ll also be less likely to depend on you financially.

3. Give trust fund money to your children at a mature age-When you wait to give your children large lumpsumps of money, you’ll by then know their maturity level and you’ll be able to see how they spend money. If you give it to them at an early age or immature state (usually 20s) they typically will not know what to do with it or use it carelessly. There is nothing wrong with providing your kids with college educations and things of that nature, but you want them to understand that you are teaching them to be independent.

4. Purchase used cars- the people that look average, but are actually wealthy are those that buy used cars that will last them years. They don’t buy ragedy cars, but they don’t purchase brand new cars off the lot either. Now in my opinion, this one should be left up to the amount of money you make and if you have the means to buy a car brand new. I say this because some people have a special appreciation for cars and just enjoy them, so I feel that if you have it then by all means, enjoy. But, don’t purchase things just to keep up with other people.

5. Most entrepreneurs start from the mud-most entrepreneurs are people who grew up in circumstances in which life brought many struggles and they believed that there had to be something better for them in life. However, this doesn’t mean that their children will have that mindset, it will all depend on how you raise them and whether you teach them to value money or experience more.

Please let me know your thoughts and email me with any books that you recommend for me to read next.

Later Queens!

I want to explain this quote a little more. Sometimes we as women focus on situations or people that really don’t deserve the amount of time we put into it/them. It is very important to listen to your intuition, when it tells you to leave situation or person alone. Our intuition or “gut feeling” tells us things to spare us the hurt that the situation or person may cause. If you are constantly trying to fix something and the more you try to fix it, the more it falls apart, then honey it’s time to let it go. When you give so much of yourself to a person or situation, you become tired and stressed. Why take time away from your dreams and goals to focus on things you can’t change. Situations that we can’t change are presented to us because we have to know that in this world some things are out of our control, however we can control our attitudes toward the situation. The more we learn how to not to let certain situations bother us, the more power we have because it teaches us that some things are not worth our attention. When it comes to people in our lives who we have to chase, let them go. These people have no place in our lives. They are simply there to teach us a lesson of what not to deal with in the future. Don’t question who you are. You are courageous, beautiful, and no one is just like you.

Hey ladies,

So sometimes we’re told that we should work HARD. Although that’s awesome, sometimes working hard gets us nowhere. Now some may disagree, but I think we’ve all been in a situation where we worked super hard and someone who seemed like they did absolutely nothing succeeded instead. This can happen if you’re in college or even just going through life itself. Sometimes this happens because we may work our butts off, but we take the longer route or we can call it “just make things difficult for ourselves”. One thing I’ve learned in life is that it doesn’t make you less smart or it doesn’t mean that you didn’t earn your success, just because you took an easier route or a less stressful route. Some women have children, some have bills, some have multiple priorities, which causes them to put other things on hold or get certain tasks out of the way faster. For example: I know plenty of single mothers who work, go to school, and provide a roof for themselves and their children. I’m also sure there are plenty of women like myself, who don’t have children, but work, go to school, and run a household. Either way, ladies you are WINNING, remember that!!!!! There is only so much we can do, and although it’s good to have ambition and be courageous, your journey will become more difficult if you don’t believe that you are doing the best that you can. If you have a lot going on and feel like you’re barely getting by, it’s because you are doing your very best. Realize, as a woman we may have a lot going on, but the world doesn’t stop because we want to be superwoman. For example: if you have children or just a lot going on, you may find it difficult to keep up with your classes or just may be doing OK in your classes. If you are really struggling create new study habits like creating flashcards or getting a study buddy, whatever inspires you to get it done. However, if you are averaging a C in your class and you know that this semester is just not your semester, that is OK too, as long as you get it done. We can’t always do well at everything because we have many things taking our attention. Of course I’ve used this example because I’ve been through it and want you all to know that you can get through it. I’m not saying just fail miserably, but know that sometimes you just have to do what you can to get by, because there will be a time when you’ll just blossom and succeed at most or all parts of your life. You just have to be patient. Giving your all into everything that you do, but realizing that certain aspects of your life need more attention; honey, that’s called working SMART!

Later Beauties

Hey Queens,

So I know that sometimes we all get caught up in offering too much of ourselves to our friends, family, and even outside situations like work. However, it’s important to know when you are giving TOO MUCH of yourself. You have to tell yourself ” I can’t let this steal my inner peace” because once something steals peace from you, it takes power from you. You are in control of you, so in every situation, it is up to you to decide the importance of the situation and is it worth the amount of energy you are putting into it. Take a couple minutes a day to regroup and sit in complete silence. I know it isn’t a lot of time, but it’s definitely important because it’ll become routine. Which means, everyday you’ll commit a couple minutes to finding inner peace.

Later Queens

You are the creator of your life’s story! Always remember that you can do anything that you want to do, as long as you put action behind those goals, nothing or no one can stop you. Do everything in your power to take advantage of opportunities that assist in making your dreams come true. Whether it’s going to conferences, watching webinars, getting inspiration from social media, or reading a book; use your resources.

Later Queens

Hey Queens!

So today I wanted to talk about exactly why “Ain’t Nothing New Under The Sun” and what exactly does it mean. We all have issues that we struggle with, however there isn’t a problem that you are going through that someone else on the planet isn’t/or hasn’t experienced. We often find it difficult to handle situations if we feel that we are alone or feel like it’s the worst that can happen. I am not by any means saying that we should brush our problems off and let them go. What I am saying is that obstacles that we overcome only make us stronger. Our ancestors went through difficult times so that we wouldn’t have as much of a tough time succeeding in life. It’s so important that we remember to be grateful for the things we AREN’T going through because every situation could be worst. If you find yourself going through a difficult time, do things to take the weight off of your shoulders, like taking a relaxing bath or talk to a close friend or family member to help you feel better. Remember that no problem is new, so you can get through it! Inner peace is so important, so don’t let your problems get the best of you Queen.

Later Ladies

Hey Queens!!!

So today I want to encourage you all to make it a priority to uplift someone today. We all have to understand that if we give off positive energy, it makes the world a better place. Not only that, but it makes our own lives easier because the more positive energy we give off, the more we will receive. Think of it like this, would you rather be the reason someone is having a bad day or the reason that someone smiled today? I know that life gets frustrating and we all have our own lives to think about, but being surrounded by happy people is better than being around a bunch of grumpy people. Maybe try giving someone a compliment, call a family member and tell them how proud you are of them, or post a nice quote on your social media just to send a positive message to your followers. It will only take a few minutes of your time and you could really make someone’s day.

Later Queens